Monday, August 10, 2015

8 Little Things That Will Make Going Back to School Easier - - - For Teachers!

So, I've had to come to terms with the fact that summer vacation is over. So sad, I know. That being said, I'm super excited about the new school year and all of the possibilities that come with it.  The biggest challenge is getting back into the routine. This is something that everyone thinks about for the students but what about us? We struggle with the transition from summer to school just as much.  To help with this transition, I try to remember the following 8 little things as I gear up for my first day back. Which, by the way, is this Thursday!

1. Shower at night. I know this can be a real pain for some of us, but it really shaves off minutes in the morning. I need my hair to be wet when it is styled so I just use a spray bottle and VIOLA! I'm good to blow dry.
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2. Pack your lunch before you go to bed. If you plan on eating leftovers, this is really easy to do as you are cleaning up after dinner. Otherwise, set aside time to take care of your lunch so that you don't end up throwing a bunch of junk in your bag in the morning. Or worse...going through the drive-thru.
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3. Set your clothes out for the week on Sunday. This is completely UNREALISTIC for me but I try to at least set them out the night before. If you have a small area in your closet that works, having a week's worth of clothes that are ready to go makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze.
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4. Cook breakfast for school days on the weekends.  This is actually a lot easier than it sounds. If you are making breakfast on Saturday morning anyway, why not make triple the recipe and then package and freeze individual servings. If you do this every weekend you will have some variety during the week! My personal favorites are pancakes and sausage links or breakfast burritos, both of which freeze and reheat wonderfully.
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5. I might be threatened for even suggesting this but here it goes...
                                                                                                          ...get up earlier.

I'm serious! Just do it and eventually you'll get used to it. I promise. By skipping the snooze button you can add 10 (or a lot more) minutes to your morning routine. This could also mean that you can leave the house earlier and get to work earlier. You might even be able to finish that one thing that you put off from yesterday! :) See, it all works out.

That also means saying goodbye to late summer nights watching Netflix until you crash.
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6. Put your teacher things by the door. I used to run around the house trying to gather all my stuff while stressing out about not leaving on time. A few years ago, I took my dad's advice and starting putting everything I needed in one place so I could just grab it all and go. Thanks Dad!
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7. Buy bottled water to keep at school. I'm cringing as I write this because I know it is bad for the environment. A refillable bottle would be a better option. Regardless, the point is to drink a lot of water. You will be talking a lot more than normal the first few days of school. Stay hydrated, your kidneys will thank you.
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8. And don't forget to socialize! We all spent the summer with friends and family. Now we are recharged and ready to tackle the next batch of kids. Our work relationships have been neglected for several months and need to be nurtured. We spend a lot of time as the only adult in the room and no one outside of teaching really understands what that is like. Take the time to build and keep these special relationships.
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Here's to a great new school year. Best wishes to you and your students.  I'd love to hear about your little tips and tricks to getting back into the routine. Comment below.

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