Friday, January 1, 2016

My Newest Find: Create Your Own Newspaper Clippings

two teaching taylors

Happy New Year!

As I was trolling the internet and pretending that I was actually going to do some work today, I stumbled across this little gem. The Newspaper Clipping Generator will let you create original newspaper articles that you can use for anything. 

OH MY GOODNESS. So simple, yet so awesome. 

The news article that you create is saved as a photo. You can then use it anywhere that you can use a picture file.

My wheels are spinning, trying to figure out how I can use this in my science class. The students are going to be creating their own review brochures on Power Point over the next two weeks. I wonder if I should have them include a 'news article' as part of their brochures?

How would you use this in your classroom?